Who We are

LusitaniaHomes is formed by people who have a different vision of the Portuguese real estate market. Our biggest commitment is to the full satisfaction of the client, who will always have access to substantiated information, resulting from specific research on each property. The properties are exclusive and, if necessary, our partnerships with architectural firms and specialized construction companies make it possible to execute the best renovation or restoration projects. We also work in partnership with a renowned law firm, which will deal with the legal issues related to the properties. We want dreams to become business. We dedicate ourselves to making business turn into happiness.

Our Values


We value the quality of our properties and customer service.


We have a different and innovative vision of the Portuguese property market. Because a property is not just made of walls: it has history and dreams.


All our properties are in accordance with Portuguese law.


Property Management
We have partners capable of managing your property, so you have peace of mind and security that your property will be well looked after, wherever you are.
Reforms and Building Works
You can transform properties to make them look the way you want them to. We have partnerships with renowned architecture and construction firms in Portugal.
Legal Services
Gold visa, property transfer and other necessary legal services can be done through one of the most important law firms in Portugal, which is our partner.

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